This is a selection of stories intended to celebrate community members, raise awareness of inequity and injustice, and advocate for oppressed and marginalized communities. 

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You can get into college, but staying in college is a different game


Ayesha said when she attended Grinnell as a Scholar, she needed all of the support that she could get. It felt hard to fit in surrounded by wealthy and/or white students who might not understand her struggles. In a 2017 article in The Atlantic, a report stated that 95 percent of colleges are unaffordable...

The future king of late night

Shane, 21, is a young person in HACC’s Career Readiness Program and a self-proclaimed mixture of Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey. He’s a comedian, a poet, and an aspiring YouTube talk show host. And in 2017, he landed an internship that will help him make his dreams come true!

South Africa's township youth see apartheid's legacy all around them

This story is part of a Special Report on the global youth unemployment crisis, “Generation TBD.” It's the result of a GroundTruth reporting fellowship featuring 21 correspondents in 11 countries, a year-long effort that brings together media, technology, education and humanitarian partners for an authoritative exploration of the problem and possible solutions.

Little Village event highlights health needs for uninsured residents

The Brazilian ubiquitous summer jam “Ai se eu te pego” blared from massive speakers in the parking lot of one of three Esperanza health centers. It's seductive catchiness was the sounding alarm at the start of the fifth annual “Esperanza Extravaganza” on Sunday, Aug. 10.

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Armstrong El adult ed partnership helps moms be students

This year, HACC partnered with George Armstrong Elementary School in West Rogers Park to host a GED class. More space means another free class, and the students, who are majority mothers, have the childcare for elementary aged children while they study.

Foreclosures down in Chicago but Southwest Side lags

Foreclosure filings are down by a third in Chicago, but the housing recovery is slower on the South and Southwest Sides, according to a new report from the Woodstock Institute. One factor could be additional challenges faced by undocumented homeowners in obtaining loan modifications, local housing counselors say...

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