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Rogers Park girls find solace at summer camp

“I feel like summer camp is different because in school we have to work and get no breaks and here we get to play, have fun, meet people, and be outside. So it’s just a great opportunity.”

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Immigrant and refugee families took a field trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden to bond, learn, and play

Field trips are often financially out of reach for immigrant and refugee families, so “they are very grateful when these opportunities come up,” said Yesenia Vargas, Family Literacy Coordinator. 

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A Different Kind of Jail

The Ottery Youth and Education Centre sits a short drive outside of Cape Town, away from the crowded city streets and close to poorer suburbs and townships. The school is a former military camp for colored* soldiers. It was converted to a care facility for 50 boys and teenagers who have committed nonviolent crimes. These children were diverted from the court system instead of being convicted and sent to juvenile prison.

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